Our Philosophy

Our mission is to help people use the daily ritual of eating a meal as an opportunity to bring more joy into their lives.

Smiley Provisions is a resource for humans that love bright flavors and energizing foods but might not have the time to spend hours in the kitchen cooking from scratch.

roasted vegetables take center stage in all of our dishes and are inspired by international flavors from our favorite travels.

We source locally whenever possible and have built a seasonal menu to keep things spicy and enjoy vegetables all year round.

OUr Team

Founder - Suzy Bryukhanov (Brook-A-Nov)

I’ve spent the past 6 years working in supply chain management and Responsible sourcing. After long days at the office, I craved vibrant foods that made Me feel good and gave Me the energy to squeeze the most fun out OF life.

While experimenting in My own kitchen, I kept going back to roasted vegetables dipped in really delicious sauces (and a few pickled onions thrown in for good measure). lacking the time to cook for Myself, I looked for convenient options in Seattle and found very few that were Truly Satisfying. I created Smiley provisions for all the veg-heads out there seeking a colorful and crave-able meal.